About My Career

I'm a full stack software engineer with extensive experience. I received a degree in Mathematics from UC Berkeley and have since spent nearly a decade working in the tech industry. I help companies derive value from data, manage distributed systems, and cope with complexity.

I am well versed in Ruby, Python, Javascript, and Java.


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Pax Labs, Inc. 2018-Present

Pax Labs creates premium cannabis vaporizors and is on a mission to establish cannabis as a force for good. I'm very excited and grateful to have the chance to be a part of the future of cannabis as the first backend engineer at PAX.

Rescale, Inc. 2014-2018

Rescale helps customers run engineering simulations in the cloud.

I architected much of their backend jobs framework - the code that managed virtual machines and distributed work amongst them. I wroteangular UI code to enable users to control their virtual machines, the django APIto accept that data, and the java code to interface with cloud providers to enact the user's choices.

Some hard problems I solved were:

  • Managing transient node failures to increase robustness
  • Distributing work amongst hundreds of nodes
  • Coordinating state across distributed agents
  • Managed a team of three other engineers

Shop It To Me, Inc. 2012-2014

Shop It To Me connects users with clothes on sale in their size.

I helped build a powerful UI for configuring clothing preferences using Ember.js and Ruby on Rails.

I implemented their clothing recommendation system using a machine learning framework.

I performed statistical analysis of A/B test results.

Public Library of Science 2010-2012

PLoS is an open-access scientific journal publisher.

I worked on the java web backend using Struts2 and completed a major refactoring of the data stores backing Ambra. I oversaw major work on their syndication system.