The Four Color Theorem

The Four Color Theorem is a combination art/software project, where I'll be building the software to create the art, and using the art to inspire the software. The four colors I'll be exploring are Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.

[Note]:There's a lot of links to google plus posts below. Unfortunately google plus is no longer with us, so I'll update this page at some point.

The Four Color Theorem on the art side starts with a short film. This is still in concept phase - I have a Google+ Collection where I post photgraphy and short written pieces that embody the aesthetic I'm going for. Stylistically, I'm interested in big, bold clashes of color and geometric forms; I like photos that put the viewer a little off-balance, that invite a sense of disbelief at their reality, that subtly warp and distort space with their boundaries.

Thematically, I'm inspired by David Lynch's Twin Peaks, where different colors represent different modes of being, different aspects of reality embodied by transcendant beings. I hope to replicate the same feeling of unreality in Lynch's work but mixed with the emotional intensity of Karl Ove Knaussgard's My Struggle.

The Four Color Theorem on the software side starts Yellow, a tool for thinking graphically.

Yellow is a way to speak a new language.

Yellow makes it easy to create graphs and use them to organize content. I'll be using Yellow to powerblogs about software, which inherently involves connections between pieces of code. Yellow will eventually be a part of Blue, a graphical video editing program.