Tech Talk: Building 'Building Modular Java Applications with Gradle'


A few months ago, I stumbled onto an old coworker on the street. We chatted a bit, and he invited me to come give a Tech Talk at Rescale. Tech Talks are a practice I had carried over to Rescale from my job beforehand.

At the time I was still working on my last blog, so I gave a vague non-committal. He followed through, though, and we set a date.

The prompt I use for Tech Talk now is:

  • What's something you worked on lately?
  • What made it intersting?
  • And finally, What did you learn from it?

So, I went through that prompt with the process of writing my last blog. 

Here is the result

P.S.: if anyyone knowledgable about reveal.js could tell me why that presentation is not rendering the up and down arrows, I would be forever grateful. This is the config I've tried:


Interestingly, the arrows will sometimes show up, but very rarely. I am doing something weird - I have position: fixed on the reveal div because it's rendered inside of a __next div and it doesn't expect to be.